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Take part in Water4Future and unleash your entrepreneurial potential! Water4Future is an international innovation contest inspiring women and men worldwide to address urban water challenges and design a sustainable future. Open to all, the objective is to create a team project, foster entrepreneurship, imagine new digital tools and promote innovative solutions to preserve our environment and improve everyone's daily life. For 36 hours your multidisciplinary team will be guided and accompanied in the realisation of its project by international experts to answer your questions, whether you are familiar with the world of water or not!

Our theme « Water & City »

The 3rd edition of the Water4Future focuses on the theme "Water and the city", a theme that is now universal. Whatever the continent, the climate, the culture, the level of development, ... our societies are urbanising at high speed. Hydrological risks (drought, flooding), amplified by climate change, impacts the conditions of this urbanisation and deeply modifies its development, activities and environments. Under these conditions, the issue of water and the city is an unavoidable subject: increasing needs for quality water for urban populations, increasing soil sealing and protection against flood risks, the need for adapted urban sanitation infrastructures to counter health risks, etc.

Through capture, processing, networks, buildings and warning systems, a whole connected field is emerging in the urban environment today. Water in the city presents many challenges for tomorrow's societies, challenges that we must address for a sustainable future.

Feedback W4F 2021

The 3rd edition of the Water 4 Future Hackathon ended on Saturday March 6 after two days full of collaboration and sharing. The international competition of innovation brought together more than 100 participants, coaches and experts around 10 ambitious projects between CĂ´te d'Ivoire, Cameroon, Reunion Island and metropolitan France. International dimension was the keyword of this edition with the participation of the European university alliance CHARM-EU gathering Montpellier, Budapest, Barcelona and Dublin universities.

Innovation was the main focus for this digital edition bringing together these participants scattered around the globe to support them in their business projects. The UNESCO ICIREWARD center and all of its partners seized the digital opportunity to mix teams between Montpellier, Saint-Denis or Abidjan and enrich the projects with a multicultural and interdisciplinary vision.

We are proud of our participants who have proved strong adaptability, ingenuity and innovation. The international jury had the difficult task of choosing and ranking teams.

1st Prize - The Cannecto project (Reunion Island): Developing a system of sensors to connect the pipes carrying wastewater in real time (smart sewer). The goal is to detect and prevent any overflows. This project aims to reduce operating costs and health risks while preserving the water tables.

2nd Prize: The Dédale project (Montpellier): Creating islands of freshness, reduce waterproofing of the cities and evaluate its impact. The project aims to provide an estimation of the surfaces to “un-waterproof” in schoolyards, middle schools and high schools. The project includes an evaluation of the water/soil resources to create plant oases.

3rd Prize: The "Li'eau" project (Montpellier): Developing an application that analyses water consumption (domestic or industrial). At the output, a report and an optimised cartography of the consumption chain are generated as well as educational advice related to the waste and preservation of water resources, both in qualitative and quantitative terms.

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